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Coremaster - Revolutionary Soil Core Sampler

Coremaster, the revolutionary new system of soil core sampling can save you time and money by providing perfect uncontaminated samples under any enviromental conditions.

Uncontaminated Soil Sample Collectioncoremaster1

If you are involved with the analysis of pesticides or chemical residues from soil core samples you could well be wasting time and money on outdated methods of soil collection.

Because until now there has never been a really efficient way of obtaining uncontaminated soil samples at various depths.

Simple Concept

The Coremaster concept is very simple. A hollow metal cylinder attaches by means of a screw thread to a long metal handle.

This features a 'T' piece at the bottom end which enable foot power to push the cylinder into the ground. A seperate hollow acetate liner tube fits inside the the cylinder to collect the soil.

coremaster3As the cylinder is withdrawn, soil is retained in the liner bycompression.

Plastic caps of different colours are then used to cap the ends of the acetate liner and also serve to identify the orientation of the soil sample.

The Coremaster range has been designed specifically for use in the field. Each piece is extremely robust and is made from heavy gauge chrome plated steel with a heavy duty screw fitting for added strength.

In addition, the modular design means that there are over twenty different cylinder and handle combinations to cope with a wide range of soil conditions and scientific requirements.