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Throughout 30 Years of Excellence HGL has accumulated:-

  • Countless Industrial Accolades
  • In-Depth R&D Expertise
  • Highly Skilled Workforce
  • Experienced Management Team
  • A Team with over 165 years of Glassblowing experience
  • A Diverse Customer Base - Esso, Shell, BP, Smithkline Beecham, Wyeth, Cynamid, ICI, Hospitals, Universities, Colleges and Schools

There are many reasons why glass is such a versatile component; it's transparency, smooth surfaces, resistance to thermal shock, and high resistance to corrosion and chemicals. In the right hands it can even be worked to tolerances of a few microns - the same as metal.

Skilled Craftsmen - Over 30 Years Experience

At HGL Hampshire Glassware, we know that it takes an exceptional skill and years of training to work glass to this accuracy. That's why all our glassblowers are trained in-house for at least 7 years with a further 5 years practical experience. Only then are they sufficiently skilled to tackle the most complex of jobs as a senior glassblower. This single minded excellence over the last 30 years has helped us to become one of the largest, most experienced and highly skilled specialist scientific glass blowing operations in the UK.

glassware_workshopOur care and commitment is carried through all levels of manufacture and is reflected in our choice of the finest equipment available:- from the specialised multi-headed gas torches and the high-precision glass holding lathes that spin the molten glass to keep it symmetrical, to the high temperature annealing ovens that relieve the stress in the glass once it has been worked

Worldwide Customer Base

Even when the glass tube is carefully selected for it's resilience to thermal shock up to 500C. Our products are in use every day in almost every country worldwide. In fact, you may be surprised at the wide range of glass engineering projects we have handled in recent years.

Everything from a giant glass beer mug for an advertising agency to complex apparartus for the delivery of kidneys for transplants.

Problem solving is a challenge we savour and innovation inspires us all. We derive great pride in being involoved in the development of new products and we even repair old ones too.. No job is too large or too small.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is extremely competitive and our fast response is backed up by an efficient delivery and collection service. And if you can't visit us, one of our field executives will and advise on all aspects of glass blowing.

If you need information or advice on glass engineering, production or our specialist glass repair service, contact our sales and technical hotline on +44 02380 553755. They'll be pleased to help.